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Create Linux Distro Session with Hisham Sarwar & Babar Zahoor 🚦 Build Linux Distro 🚦 Ubuntu Based

Create Linux Distro by customizing Debian/Ubuntu/Linux Mint/Zorin OS/Elementar OS/etc. Watch the build your own Linux distro session with Babar Zahoor & Hisham Sarwar. Live USB Creator using Systemback. Startup Disk Creator using ISO file.

_____________________________/ CHAPTERS ___________________________________
00:00 Welcome Message
00:08 Welcome Logo
00:15 Babar Zahoor
03:15 Aamir Shahzad
16:18 Process of creating Linux Distro
44:19 How to earn from created Linux Distros
47:14 Hisham Sarwar
52:34 Ending

_____________________________/ TOPICS ___________________________________
Here are the topics covered in this video.
1. Live USB creator
2. Startup Disk Creator
3. Linux Distro
4. Linux distribution
5. Create best Linux distro 2021
6. Develop lightest Linux distro
7. Build best Linux distro for gaming
8. Linux distro for programmers
9. Built Fastest Linux distro
10. Debian based
11. Ubuntu based
12. Linux Mint based

Following topics are not covered in this video.
1. xvideoservicethief ubuntu インストール ubuntu
2. xvideoservicethief ubuntu インストール
3. postgresql ubuntu 20.04+4
4. xvideoservicethief पैरा ubuntu 14.04+3
5. how to install visual studio code in ubuntu

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