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1 Learn Computer Programming/Coding on Your Mobile/Cell/Smart Phone in Urdu/Hindi

How to learn to code for free or coding for beginners programmer using Java script computer programming on phone. Yes on your smartphone! Learn computer programming on phone. Please watch this video in full screen mode for best experience.

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Assalamualikum friends i have brought a special programming course for you in which we will learn computer programming using mobile phone. if you learn this course properly then your life can change. My name is Aamir Shahzad and I run roshantech which is tech company whose website is i also have more than 20 years of experience in programming and i will try my best to teach you programming very well so before I start showing in practice . i will give you some theory/background on programming. if you search on your computer that what is the future of programming, then you will see countless websites telling that the future of programming is very good, so if you learn programming then you will be able to do freelancing and do jobs online full-time part-time and it is also possible that you can work in any software house that is offline.

If you are teaching then you can help students to resolve their queries so why do you want to learn programming . in my view you want to learn programming because your have it in your courses so you have started doing programming , definitely because you want your programming skills to be very good and what does it mean is that they have degrees,courses etc. They know computer languages but they cannot do programming practically, then because of this people will also learn programming.

Besides this, if your children want to come on this side, and you yourself have programming skills, then you can guide them very well, so now I talk about a common person who is doing some business or any other sector. Why would he want to learn it, in that you will have the benefit of learning programming personally, I will try my best and the rest will be your best effort that you know programming well. Now I present my two examples that How I have benefited practically in my past life because of learning programming. These are two examples, apart from this there are lot of examples that can also be described but for the sake of convenience, I will give only two examples. One is from my studies, during my degree from 2005-07, that time I used to keep my data in three places, one backup was on my computer, second one was on my USB and the third one I used to have data backup on my university computer. Usually this would happen that you work inside the files, inside folders and sub folders and you do not even remember what files you have worked in but you always want to keep the latest backup with you in your USB or in any other computer, then at that time I have a Wrote a small script and what it did was that whatever file was latest 15-20 he just used to do copy those in USB and then i would go home and using the same script it should be copied from my USB to a computer And if I had worked from home, I would do the same step to the university computer , so the advantage of this was that all of my data used to be synchronized and up to date. an easy solution for this was that I would copy paste the whole folders but its disadvantage was that if you have your data in GBs then you are copying and pasting a lot of data unnecessarily . I am telling you this thing from many years ago. Now I will tell you the second example from few years ago that I had to take some data from the website, I had given the email address there but the structure of the website The variable was in such a way that if you clicked on the companies name, then it would open a pop-up and email addresses were written on it, so for me it was again a kind of thing that you But 300 is that company, click on the link of each company, it pops up and from there you copy again the email address, so what I did for that was I wrote a small script, he read the data of that website, this Programming i.e. wrote that where the @ sign was , he only read those lines from there, left all the other lines, searching in this way through programming was easy. What I did it for my convenience was that I did sorting and made it a unique one, in this way I got my filtered data , so these were couple of practical examples. if you know programming then you can work practically. If so then I have told you earlier about this that you can do freelancing, part time jobs and maybe full time. then when you can establish your own software so let’s have some idea about What is the difference between learning the computer languages and doing programming. We do programming by using computer languages who do programming using them, but programming is one thing and language is one thing, so I will give this example

That one thing is common as we learn languages in the world,there is a difference between a person learning the language and that someone has the real ability to talk, so now you can understand that programming is the real ability to talk and computer language is its language. if you know how to communicate, then you can talk in Punjabi, you will be able to communicate very well in it, in the same way if you learn to speak in English, then in that too You will be able to communicate very well because you have the real ability to communicate, then in the same way, once you know programming, you can learn any computer language by identifying its words and syntax. That is, if there is a way to write code, then you can learn any programming language in this way, but the basic thing is that you should know programming, I have told you that there are many programming languages , so what I have selected is JavaScript, now also understand that my Main purpose is not to teach you a programming language but my main purpose is to show you programming so whatever code I write I will try my best to write a very precise one then this will a be easy to understand and then I will ignore it if I have any minor errors in it, that is, if I write a code and there is a validator online which checks that this code How good it is, maybe you can find any warnings in it, but what we do is that my purpose of making this video series is to teach you programming, so the special thing about JavaScript is that you run it on any device and when you have to do this, you can do it in any device whether you have a mobile, tablet or computer, then this is the special thing of its JavaScript, for this you need a software which is present in almost every device, that is browser. That’s why I selected this and the other reason was that the code in JavaScript is similar to what the rest of the computer languages have. like C language, C++ , C sharp and on the same side PHP is a language so similarly there are many languages which have similar code structure. If you only learn one language very well, then learning any other language will not be such a big issue for you. You can learn any of it in a few days, weeks or months, but the condition is that your programming should be good

I am not an expert of the language JavaScript but I know its basics and I can do coding in it, even though I will definitely make mistakes in it but important thing is that you should learn to correct your mistakes. This thing is also called debugging that if there is some bug inside your program then you should have that much of a skill set of programming to remove it , which is my goal that you should be able to spot your mistakes yourself . let’s go now we come out of the theory and start it practically, JavaScript runs in almost every device, but to do its coding, you need some editor or some software where you can do coding, if you desktop, laptop which have Windows installed, notepad is that software in which you can do coding but because we have to work in mobile, in mobile we will install a software in it. There is a software having the name Acode , so here I go to the Play Store in front of you and good it’s not unlocking anymore for some reason

If so, all you have to do is go to the Play Store and here you have to write in the search bar “Acode” write it with space or whatever, it is better if you write this without space, my intention was to do this work inside another software. But then there was an issue in that software, so I left it because of this reason, now because I have turned off my Wi-Fi as I am screen recording this and I did not wanted to receive any call or notification so that my recording would not be disturbed. You can see the icon for this software Acode from here.

The icon will be like this, as you can see it on this screen, then I open this app now and the first example we do is to make the software in any language in the name of Hello World. In this a simple text comes written on the top of the screen, hello world, you can write anything, so it is usually done in any language, when you learn it, then we make such a small program, so today we have this one program and I request you to pause the video here of course and install this software, otherwise it will work if you have any text editor, but it has Another feature that you can do its preview within it, whatever code you write of JavaScript, you can install this program and write your coding with me because you will not understand it until you run things and check.

So we have another window visible in the center in which we actually have to write the code, so first we have to do that we create a new file, for this I click here and it is saying open folder then here is its Main internal storage, I select it and I will make files here on its root, then I have selected it and the best practice is that whenever you start coding save your file. So in this we write a little code, , so we will write some small code of HTML here of JavaScript. it is not necessary to understand it, is just part of the process that I have to write it like this, otherwise our code will not be able to execute, when you write the script of HTML, you have to use tags in the script, then it is like this that we put the brackets and write the name of the tag. And in this case name of our tag is script.

So when it starts, then it starts like this, I copy this , tag starts and then this tag will end and we will copy-paste this and there is a small difference in the ending tag that it has slash in its name. it is not necessary for you to learn it but because you have to write while doing coding because of this you should note this thing, you write the name of the tag between these less than and greater than signs and so while closing you have to put a slash before the tag name in the day, so now the thing we will write in the middle of it will be JavaScript . JavaScript is a computer language and it Runs inside the browser, so the software you need to run it is browser, so like I said, we save it and check it. And this has saved it as the same name, now we do not save it by this name, I rename it and name it hello world

you can write whatever name you want. While renaming it you have to write htm at the end of the file. But as my focus is trying to write only the smallest, file name should be meaning so it is easy to understand, see this file, it has been updated here, then back here we see that it has also been updated, good practice in this is that if you write the code save it and practice it right away, then keep this in mind that whenever you have to write the code of JavaScript we have to write, I have to teach you the thinking process on how to do programming, what happens in the language is that you learn the keywords of the language and whats is its syntax, if you do these two thing then you know the language, but it is not necessary that you also know programming, then the issue here is only with the students that they know the language they know its keywords, what is its syntax but they still don’t know how to do programming, in this course my target is not to teach you programming not its keywords nor its syntax but we will have to learn some things obviously in this whole thing but my main focus is not there, because of this I am saying that memorize this closed script of HTML as it is. Now some people make fun of girls that their memory skills are very good, that is often referred to as cramming, but memorizing is a very important thing. You have to memorize some things and the other things you only have to understand, so this part of programming is of memorizing and the other one will be to understand the point of programming, Don’t do the mistake of cramming that part. any real world problem comes, you have to solve it, then you have to do it on the basis of your logic, so I have to teach you logic and programming. so i just write here JavaScript and this is also to memorize. see the good thing about this Acode app is its telling you about the code, if I click on it, it will still come. I will tell you the details after a while first i want to show you the output how to execute it then i will explain to you what i have done, now we save it now and above you see the sign to play OK so we click on it now it is asking us whether to preview in your browser or in app. we can do it on the browser as well, what it does in that is it will make your mobile a web server and then you execute it inside it and in in app it will execute it in this app.

because our main purpose is not to write professional JavaScript, our purpose is just a demonstration that we want to learn programming, so I will do this in-app, in that you can also go to the settings and fix this thing to run it in-app .In this we see that in this output has come written Hello World , so the rest of his code has not been written like we have written in the script, we have wrote,document added brackets but you will not see this here. We will see here only that part which we have written in quotations marks. then I will show you the setting in which I have told that this executing setting can be fixed otherwise it will ask you where to run it every time you will try to execute it , then instead you can also do that by going to the setting and coming to the other settings, then there is an option of preview mode, then you can do it in the app. If you take it then it will not ask again and again, but I will not change anything at the moment, the reason is that you When you will come here for the first time after installing this app and if I have changed my settings then you will be confused while watching my video, and my purpose is not to confuse you. So the setting will remain default, so let me explain it a little bit that what I have written. This is a line in JavaScript, and the above tag is that of HTML that means you have to remember it that whatever name you give to your file just write HTM or HTML at the end, As I want to write short so I will write it as htm and then in between is the script and its code and in between, the code of java script will come. And that is now our one line code, later it may be more than this, so let me explain it a little bit so that you understand that the document is an object that is available for you in your programming. It is available so that if you want to process anything on it, then you can do it. In that, we are writing the document above which the website is visible to the end user, we will be writing this text on the document . what we wrote in the middle, it is telling us that the right operation is happening on the document, so here the advantage of running the dot is that the object which is on the left side, and the action we have written on the right side will do the work and bracket .the brackets here are telling us that it is a function so we will go ahead and see what are the functions but for your ease you should understand that this is your coding list . I have written one line but, maybe later we will write a code having 10,20, or 50 lines . The function is representing that list of codes. What it does that is it will replace the code behind on the back end, but for now we do not have to create a function, we will go on to do all these things, we will also create a function and then we will do all these things. And we will demonstrate it now our purpose is not to create a function, so we have a made-up function, an operation, that call of action right and whenever we have to show something we write that inside the quotation marks. Now look, I am changing a little code in it, here with hello, now I write anything intentionally in the same way, I have written two here just for the sake of demonstration that it will change, I have written three here so now If we execute it, then we should see it hello world free in the output there, then we execute it and run it on our own, then the output which is our document, look at what is visible in it. my goal was to do little demonstration what we will be doing, a little environment setup, this app is what you have to install and you need to install it. Take it and practice like I have done this work and then in the next lecture of this we will INSHALLAH start our things properly, so if you have understood what I have explained to you today, then you have to like this, you have to write this comment, I understand. Or something like this, so I will know that you understand this thing, if you have not understood, then what you have to do is to ask me a question about it. And I will try to explain it again in the next video. If you have loved this video then don’t forget to Like it and subscribe to the channel if you want to see more of these videos and if you want to be the first to see such videos, then you must also press the bell icon with the subscribe button along with it. There is also a request that since this is a very powerful course we have started which can change the lives of many people, then all you have to do is to share it with your friends on social media , share on WhatsApp, do what is possible , share it as much as possible so that more and more people see these educational videos .And take advantage of it, thank you very much.

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00:00 Start
00:30 Introduction + my experience
00:54 Background and future of programming
01:50 Why you should learn programming?
02:38 Why any person should learn programming?
03:18 How programming helped me?
04:46 How I used programming during work
06:45 Difference between computer programming and computer languages
07:05 Programming is manner of speaking computer languages
08:20 Programming language “JavaScript”
09:20 Why JavaScript?
10:54 Learn from your mistakes
11:25 Practice of using codes
12:00 Acode software
13:25 First example using Acode
21:25 Executing the code
23:28 Explaining coding
27:00 Completing first example

_____________________________/ TOPICS ___________________________________
Here are the topics covered in this video.
1. learn to code
2. coding for beginners
3. programmer
4. java script
5. computer programming
6. on Phone
7. how to develop program
8. coding
9. programming
10. hello world
11. software developer

Following topics are not covered in this video.
1. pep coding
2. coding blocks junior
3. ibm coding questions for associate system engineer

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[ ] پس منظر، پروگرامنگ کا مستقبل، اپ کیوں سیکھیں، عام شخص کو کیا فائدہ (اپنا تجربہ، دو مثالیں)
[ ] کمپیوٹر زبانیں اور پروگرامنگ میں فرق، عام زبان سیکھنا و بات چیت کا سلیقہ
[ ] جاوا سکرپٹ کیوں، جو کسی بھی ڈیوائس پر چل سکتا ہے
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