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سوئے رہتے ہیں یار لوگ اکثر

سوئے رہتے ہیں یار لوگ اکثر
جاگتے رہنا بھی عین ممکن ہے

اوپر شعر میرا ہے، مکمل شاعری کسی اور نے کی ہے، لنک آخر میں۔

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رموزِ شاعری، عامر کی شاعری، اردو غزل شاعری، عامر شاعری، درد بھری شاعری، دوست کے لیے شاعری، دل پھاڑ شاعری، آؤ شاعری سیکھیں، دانشمند شد، عاجز شاعری
مشاعرہ، جدائی شاعری، غالب اردو شاعری، دکھی اردو شاعری

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Cross-Platform Application Development

Flutter – Cross-Platform Framework

Nowadays, everybody wants to develop a variety of applications. Are you also seeking a cross-platform application designing framework? But first one should have a clear understanding of the the term “CROSS-PLATFORM”. This means apps creation that is capable to run on Android and iOS both, using the same line of code.

Although, there are multiple platforms for hybrid application development. Yet, this article will give an insight into the dominant features of Flutter. To more extent,  why Flutter is gaining developers’ and programmers’ attention.

Flutter is google based, open-source cross-platform application development UI toolkit. It allows programmers the flexibility to use identical programming code that can run on mobile, desktop, and web as well. 

Thus, the leading platform assists developers and app designers to craft unique applications and turn ideas into products. Moreover, Flutter’s major architecture relies on basic programming languages C/ C++ and Dart. This object-oriented language Dart is known as an eminent prototyping tool. In addition,  Dart language speeds up the development procedure.

You do not need to be an expert while working with Flutter. Just you need to know critical programming concepts including loops, conditions, methods, and classes. 

So let’s initiate the first application development using the Flutter framework. Whether you are worried about Flutter installation or want to avoid complications of installation,  navigate to and look for MX-CP USB

This USB includes a variety of programming software and frameworks that allow you to design and develop interactive applications. 

Hope you will find this a fruitful read. Good luck with your first Flutter-based application development journey. Make sure to let me know in the comment section how was your experience with MX-CP USB. 

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Introducing Web Development Course

تین ہزار روپے ماہانہ پر آف لائن (دن 3 سے 4) و آن لائن (شام 4 سے 5) پروفیشنل ویب ڈویلپمنٹ کا کورس کریں۔ سنجیدہ خواتین و حضرات کلاسز کے لیے ابھی فارم پُر کر رابطہ کریں۔ عامر شہزاد، روشن ٹیک، جی بلاک، اٹک شہر۔