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4 Learn PHP Web App Development using MySQL | By Aamir Shahzad | RoshanTech |

Code/Notes at

# Learn PHP Web App Development using MySQL
# السلام علیکم ورحمتہ اللہ وبرکاتہ

# Associated YouTube video playlist

# Course Intro
* Why you are learning this course?
* Why I’m teaching this course?
* Course style
* Course Fee! Don’t worry :slightly_smiling_face:

# My Intro
* Aamir Shahzad
* Programming, Linux & Open Source
* Few of my Linux distros/Respins
* RoshanTech
* Attock City
* [](
* [](

# Course
* What’s PHP, web app, MySQL/PhpMyAdmin
* Why you are learning this course? Job? Business/Products?
* Why I’m teaching this course? Create you own digital asset
* Course style is direct/fast, no basics, more later on. Don’t worry, I’ll try to explain briefly
* Course Fee! Pay as you like :slightly_smiling_face:
Account Holder: Aamir Shahzad
Account No: 52010100479581
Bank Name: Meezan Bank
City: Attock City
Branch Code: 5201
IBAN No: PK97MEZN0052010100479581

You can pay fee whatever you can afford :innocent: Even if it’s just a rupee/dollar, we appreciate it.

# Learn Basic Programming
[Learn Computer Programming on Your Mobile Phone]( ![](×576.jpg)

# Learn Basic Development
* [Learn Professional Web Development HTML (Paid Course)]( ![](
* [My Older FREE Wide Development (FWD) Live Sessions](
* Learn basic HTML/CSS/JS/PHP/SQL etc on [](
* [Learn PHP, MySQL And Web Development In Urdu Language By Shakeel Muhammad Khan](
## And advanced on
* [](, official website
* [](, official website
* [](
* [](
* [](
* [](
* [MySQL]( or [MariaDB](, official websites
* [PhpMyAdmin](, official websites
* [Stack Overflow](, official websites

Learn 15 courses, specially freelancing

# Basics
* Client/Server side ![](
* Front/Back end development ![](
* Full stack developer ![](


# Hello World PHP Program
‹?php echo ‘Hello World’ ?›
‹?= ‘Hello World’ ?›
Also without closing tag

یہ گروپ مفت وائیڈ ڈویلپمنٹ سیکھانے کے لیے بنایا ہے۔ کیونکہ یہ گروپ اوپن ہے اسلیے کوئی بھی غیر معقول/متعلقہ شئیرنگ کر سکتا ہے جسے گروپ سے ممکنہ نکال دیا جائے گا۔ ��ر ممبر کی ذمہ داری ہے کہ وہ اپنی طرف سے ایسی پوسٹ کو ڈیلیٹ کردیں۔

آپ بےشک اس گروپ کو ہر جگہ شئیر کریں، شکریہ 🙏

عامر شہزاد

[url= Web Development PNG Image[/url]

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