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New Linux Distro RoshanOS Buildup 16Jun21🚦Real Talk to Me🚦Let’s Talk Back🚦Talk Up Timer for 1 Hours

Our discussion would be about the development of new Linux distro, specially RoshanOS. Do real talk to me & let’s talk back. We have a talk up timer for 1 hours. We can do small talk or money talks.

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_____________________________/ CHAPTERS ___________________________________
00:00 Welcome Message
00:08 Welcome Logo
01:23:34 Ending

_____________________________/ TOPICS ___________________________________
Here are the topics covered in this video.
1. talk to me
2. 1 hour
3. small talk
4. money talks
5. talk back
6. trash talk
7. let’s talk
8. real talk
9. talk up
10. timer for 1 hours
11. New Linux Development
12. RoshanOS Buildup

Following topics are not covered in this video.
1. emerald chat
2. talkbox
3. baby talk

Some photos are taken from Unsplash.

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