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Want to bypass FRP (Factory Reset Protection) on Android phone?

Want to bypass FRP (Factory Reset Protection) on Android phone? It shows following message “This device was reset. To continue, sign in with a Google Account that was previously synced on this device.” after reset. To prevent, remove Google accounts before reset. Otherwise follow this video “New Solution Bypass Google Account Any Tablet Android 11 – 12 2022″ Keep in mind that solution provided in this video is not complete. Read my comments as well ” I was stuck after the last step (setup offline) & waited many hours because someone said that it worked after one hour. Here’s a fix by @austin whiteted (you can find him in comments section). He suggested following. How you fix it is by going back then pressing the accessibility button to pull up the menu, after that press Google assistant. It will ask you to enable Google services, do so. After that back out and if it looks for updates press back once then tap offline set up. Then it should work, cheers.”

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